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Englishman, writer, sometime director and actor.
Boyfriend, fiancée, now husband, and eloper to France, and then to Spain
where he now lives in peace and love,
with wine, cheese, tapas, his man, his dog and two awful cats....

The book, the man.

I wrote this over a three year period, for many reasons.
The book was written originally in three parts, published as they were completed but now combined into a single volume, which is the one on offer here...

I suppose it was primarily an expiation of my demons: my father, my self image, my queerness, my diagnosis, my Mother's death, my long term stealthily abusive relationship, the barrenness of the end of it, but ultimately, and I see this retrospectively - at the time, it was most definitely 'ME! ME! ME!....as a kind of self-help book, an example of triumph over despair.

No matter how shit things are, they can turn out OK....

​Mr. Lucky is the title and my personal avatar.

I don't pretend it is great work of literature - though at 502 pages, 177,256 words, it IS quite a read - but I DO know it is a worthy thing - many people who have read it were moved, shocked, amused, horrified in equal measure and,  all of those things were real and true and happened to me, in real time. 

I know, too, that they are happening to other gay men all over the world, and I want THEM to read it, just so they know that their Man in the Big Red Shoes is out there and life can be good, and whole and powerful.

If you know of someone struggling with the themes covered in this book, please, urge them to read it. Apart from being fahhhbulous, it may well help. It may even save a life.

If I achieve that, just once, then my work is done.

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