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Historical Notes

This is a precis, a snapshot of a life of 60 years which, whilst a personal account, gives a unique view into gay culture, through 'his' eyes, in the latter part of the 20th century. 

Music is referenced all through, the soundtrack of my life, as well as all those gay places that shaped us and that many of which are long gone...




Grammar School,

Teacher Training College,

Damp flats around London,

Cosy downstairs gay bar, E11.

The Salisbury, W1,

The L.A,



The Pigeons,

The East London gay scene in the 80s,



A council estate,

North Cornwall's beaches,

Paddington Station,



These are all real locations where these real events took place, where my life happened, the good things and the bad. All exist (or existed).


During these 60 years, too, there was a whole political story, that impacted on Mr. Lucky’s life - these events chime with the musical references throughout the story.


1967 - Decriminalisation happened.  I was 11, 

1969 - Stonewall Riots. I was 13, 

80s - AIDS came and devastated my community. I was 24. 

1988 - Clause 28 was passed when was teaching. I was 32; 

1994 - The age of consent was lowered. I was 38

2005 - Civil Partnerships were introduced. I was 49.

2014 - Gay Marriage came into law. I was 58.


All of these significant events had an impact on his story .

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