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'Friends, come what may...


It’s 1980. Martin is engaged to be married, or so he thinks! One morning Julie, his unsuspecting and naturally angry fiancée, duffs him up and throws him out, after he stays out all night for the first time and with another man. Martin wonders who could be there to pick up the pieces and none other than Chris, his old gay friend from his college days, newly returned to the Big City, offers to take him in and quickly becomes his gay guardian angel and also his enfant terrible. Chris then starts to lead Martin astray by introducing him to London’s Gay Clubs and Bars. An hilarious romp about town ensues and both experience improbable and unbelievably high-spirited adventures. But, a still remorseful Martin, who is also lost and desperate for love, embarks upon several disastrous relationships, until finally, the man he loves the most, or so he thinks, leaves him. He is now alone, but definitely Out and Proud, thanks to Chris. Martin and Chris’s lives develop in different ways, over the next few years, still remaining the very best of friends until this story’s tragic end.

FIVE boyfriends?  What is WRONG with you?


Martin, a young gay man, searching for the ‘one’, the man who will love just him, blunders his way through five disastrous relationships, each exploding and imploding in hilarity and sorrow, looked on by his best friend whose untimely death forces him to make a momentous decision….

Martin is lost and miserable. He is struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality, his Father’s loathing and is desperate to find a man to love, to validate the pain of leaving his fiancé. He seeks love and acceptance, stumbling from one boyfriend to the next, in the hope that the next will be the ONE. None of them was….

....All good things....

Martin returns home to Cornwall, hoping to find his lost self, and love. After a series of very unfortunate events, and time when he becomes so small, he almost disappears, he finally meets the Man in the Big Red Shoes and his life is transformed. He walks away in to his best future.

Martin, having left London after the death of his dearest friend, hoped to find peace and love. Instead, he found himself trapped, abused and sorrowful, for nineteen long years. Then, by the slimmest chance imaginable, he meets someone online, who eventually becomes real. They meet, in real life, as it was always destined, find true love, soulmates, and sail away to a bright future. Together. Martin with his Man in the Big Red Shoes, finally walks into the light.

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