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On first look, Mr Lucky is the autobiography of the ups and downs of a man's life. But digging deeper we see a complex chain of events leading a man to his destiny. A sensitive boy unsupported and misunderstood by a damaged father. A young man discovering and denying his sexuality as he goes through those cocooned years of college. 
Out in the big wide world a young man craving love and acceptance celebrating life through the gay scene of the eighties with the almost inevitable shock s as the AIDS crises loomed. A string of loves, losses and compromise until he is set free from the safe but unsatisfying life he has built around him.
This book was nostalgic, funny , certainly shocking, but ultimately a moving story towards love and acceptance.


Reviews for Book 1.
Firstly, I have to declare an interest... I know the author and I'm even tucked away in the corner of one of the photos in the book; but having said that, I am also one of the most critical and cynical people I know, and I know a lot of critical, cynical, people.
What I love about this book is the freshness of it, and the self-effacing honestly. It's a brave bit of writing that documents a challenging period of a life in a way that doesn't pull any punches; it tells it like it is.
Further... having just finished writing (a very different) book of my own, I've learned how damned difficult it is to make your words flow in a way that doesn't 'interrupt' the readers' enjoyment of the book. Nigel's writing, whilst being full of energy and edge, never gets in the way of the story.
Read the book and learn something, have a laugh with (and occasionally, at) him and enjoy the journey. You will.

I loved this ... absolutely loved it! It really resonated with me from the very first page. The whole is beautifully written and contains some wonderful nostalgia blasts. More than this, the interior journey as well as the story itself are described vividly, with unflinching honesty, sparkling wit and pathos. The style isn't one that I would usually enjoy and so it is even more to the author's credit that I was so drawn in by this book. I didn't want to finish it but I didn't want to put it down either! When are the sequels to appears ... please?

What can I say? Well written, in a style that really makes you feel like you're in a room chatting personally with the author, it is an honest straight forward account,heartbreaking,exhilarating and shocking at times... A great read. Can't wait to see what happens next! Highly recommended.

It was interesting when I was asked to review this book.
I am not a reader, it bores me to tears, so actually I am a good person to read it. If it captures me, it must be good!
From the outset it was different.
Initially it was the layout of the book, it wasn't the normal sort of intro, but that's what captured my interest, and I love something that stands out from the crowd and isn't the norm.
The way it is written, I felt it was written by a real person, not a faceless writer.
So, by then, it didn't seem like a chore to read, which quite frankly, to me, most books are. Unless they capture my interest within the first ten seconds (and actually, probably less....) then I don't read it. This one, however, was different and I felt compelled to read on.......where will it take me I wondered.
Being a photographer I tend to see the world and life in pictures, and as I read more I found that the book was doing the same. It was easy to visualise the story as pictures and more like watching a film in my mind, than reading a book.
The style, again, it didn't drag me down and bore me to tears as most books do, it lifted me, excited me to see what came next. I loved the way it was written, and the language used, again, it was refreshing, honest, open and enthralling. There was no pretence, it was just there, in front of you, make what you want of it.
A few words come to mind to describe it, exciting, interesting, real,rugged, earthy, graphic for sure, and it took me back to my days photographing intimate experiences. Yes, as I always say, there isn't much I haven't photographed. So I had identified with a part of a story.
By now I actually WANTED to read more, and this is the first book in 30 years that has really made me feel this way. The only other books I actually read were a couple of the James Herriot books, only because they are about animals, another passion of mine.

So I was into it and happily, but slowly read on. It intrigued me and I wanted to skip a few pages, excited to see what came next, but I didn't , I read every single word and every single page. What a joy to read, and if it captivated me......oh boy, the writer, Nigel Bray, has done a good job!
It is extremely graphic in its language and content, and undoubtedly too near the knuckle for the staid and unadventurous folk in life, but then there are thousands of books on the market for them. On the other hand maybe this is what they should read to spice their life up!
If someone wants a good read but one that is REAL, rather than the figment of someone's imagination, then this is the book to get.
I have already inquired about when book 2 is coming........bring it on !!!!

I am the lucky one to have read the journey thus far of Mr.Lucky who opened the door and his heart .This is a sometimes happy,sometimes sad,sometimes difficult to read story of a boy becoming a man and finding it a difficult place to be. However the joi de vivre of the author stands out in his attempts to accept who he is ,despite the efforts of the people who surround him to suppress it. It's a wittily observed piece of writing about the sixties and seventies and I cannot wait to hear what Mr. Lucky did next in Part two of his life .

Reviews for Book 2:
"I read vol 1&2 straight off as I prefer to read a series in its entirety.I did laugh,cry and swear at the author as he predicted. I think he has been very brave to confront the many demons and traumas of his life and share them in print with whoever will read his work. Written with truth, pain and hopefully some healing. Really looking forward to the next book."

"Well, Mr. Lucky strikes again............
Having read part one of his escapades, I wondered what on earth part two could add.....but by golly it just goes on adding. Is there nothing he hasn’t done......seems not !!
It is a lot of stories within a story, touching our emotions with every word, and every emotion too. You will need tissues to wipe the tears......a lot from laughter, put your phone on silent so no interruptions, and a glass of your favourite tipple to hand. The perfect way to pass a cold afternoon.......but it will be hotter once you get into this book!
Mr. Lucky passes the time of day, and night, with his usual slappers, tarts, Glasgow kisses, cocktails and grunts, but somehow manages to draw you into the book itself as if you are part of the story......I did check but am not mentioned in there ! ha ha

Reviews for Book 3:
"As with books 1and 2, I felt compelled to keep on reading book 3 when I knew I should be doing other things. I could not be happy until I had finished it. I applaud the author for being truthful at all costs, obviously very painful at times, but very cleansing. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient we are as human beings. This autobiography highlights all our own heartache, failures and triumphs in one man's life. A good read and all 3 books a definite recommendation to any discerning book lover."

Ahh, the end of a magnificent tale. This was a much anticipated book for me as after reading the first two books I was keen to find out the end of the story. I can't recommend this book enough, exciting, heartbreaking, raw, blunt, honest. A total roller coaster of emotion. I have been shocked by the revelations in this book and it's reaffirmed my fascination in other people's lives and loves. If you, like me want a good old delve into someone's life, Mr Lucky is most certainly the book for you. Beautifully written, almost like he's sat next to you spilling his secrets over a glass of wine. Read it, immerse yourself in it. It's well worth it!

I have just finished reading this the third book in the Mr Lucky trilogy.
From start to finish it was full of shocks and surprises. I never knew what was going to happen next. Written in his own engaging style, with such honesty, it really is the story of his journey through life. I am so pleased that our paths crossed at one point, as my life is much richer for knowing him. If you enjoy reading autobiographies, then this stands out as one that really tells it all.

Reviews for Novel Format:
I think I've led a sheltered life reading this amusing book - even though it contains a school photo with me in it! I lost contact with Nigel when he left Trewirgie school and moved to that town of debauchery......!!

A funny , fascinating and entertaining book. Nigel has written a book in which he shares his inner most emotions , sad , happy but above all open and honest. A lifestyle totally different from anything I have known but well written and an eye opener. Highly recommended.

The funniest,saddest, most joyous, heart wrenching, truthful and ultimately hugely life enhancing auto biography I have read.

Growing up gay in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's, was remarkably difficult. Something about being outside the societal structures seemed to lead to lots of tough choices. I just finished reading an autobiography about a man who lived this journey and bless his heart, he stumbled through a lot of it. If you want to know what it was like to be us, HIM especially, the novel is one of the most honest and raw, emotional experiences I've seen written out for the world to see. The best part is the transformation of his life. If you read it, stay with it until the end. He finds himself then, he finds his soul-mate! It is sometimes tough to read, but very well worth it!

Mr Lucky.. a twisting tale told bravely , and with unflinching honesty of one mans search for happiness and acceptance. Reading it I have felt achingly sad for the boy that he was...and thrilled for the man he has become......

For me, this was a story of transformation a caterpillar's journey of self-discovery. Being a gay man who grew up the generation following this one, I recognized the struggles, the disappointments, and the lack of direction for gay men in the 80's and 90's. My favorite part of the book was when the caterpillar (author) learned he WAS a caterpillar who had the ability to transform himself into the butterfly. I highly recommend this book, the raw honesty is refreshing, alarming, and will transform the reader who is brave enough to take the journey with him.

"A captivating read..
Having known Nigel back at school in Newquay (some time in the last century) – I was interested to see how life had treated (and mis-treated) him in the intervening years.
This well-written series of books describe openly the author’s (sometimes chaotic!) path through life, with unflinching honesty. I’m a sucker for a happy ending – which we (and he) finally get in the third book with an awakening/awareness of Reiki, and, through this, a meeting up with his soul-mate.
These books will make you laugh and cry in equal measure – thoroughly recommended – buy them.
Adrian (apparently the “only straight in the village’ - back in the 1970’s)

A truly incredible readReviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 June 2021A beautifully written book with brutal honesty, passion and humour. It made me laugh out loud and cry, opened my eyes to a world I really knew little about…absolutely loved it. Highly recommend you buy this book.

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