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'Explicit, shocking, sad, heartbreaking, filthy, intense, sweary, real, searing, happy, eye-opening, joyful, forthright, rude, hilarious, educational, necessary, wonderful, moving, surprising, authentic, emotional, upsetting....

These are YOUR words, not mine....


“You  own  everything  that  happened  to  you.
Tell your stories.
If  people  wanted  you  to  write warmly  about  them,
they should’ve   behaved better.”
Ann  Lamott


A truly incredible read
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 June 2021
A beautifully written book with brutal honesty, passion and humour. It made me laugh out loud and cry, opened my eyes to a world I really knew little about…absolutely loved it. Highly recommend you buy this book.
Tanya. U.K.


I have just finished reading  Mr Lucky. 

From start to finish it was full of shocks and surprises. I never knew what was going to happen next. Written in his own engaging style, with such honesty, it really is the story of his journey through life. I am so pleased that our paths crossed at one point, as my life is much richer for knowing him. If you enjoy reading autobiographies, then this stands out as one that really tells it all.

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